In the “Management” navigation section under “Contacts” add all people of those organizations and processors that work for you as vicarious agents or contacts from authorities (cf. Article 4, Article 30 GDPR). You can also create all employees from your organization, who should have user access to the system in the future (please pay attention to the information concerning browser and workstation configuration).


Now create all users who will work with the system. It is imperative that you only use business email addresses (not private addresses!). Set the language and authorizations you require in the system. Click on 'Add user'. The new user will receive an email with the request to create his/her own password. From this point forward, the new user will have access to the system.


Subsequently, in the menu item “Organizations” in the “Management” navigation section create all companies or organizations (processors, data recipients, data suppliers, system manufacturers, data protection authorities). Assign a type to these organizations. Use the NiōBase Templates. We supply a large number of organizations and companies (authorities, IT service providers, etc.). This will help you to save a lot of time because the time-consuming entries can be reduced significantly.

Under 'Contacts' the previously added persons can be assigned to any organization.

System Categories

Using the “System Categories” category in the system settings in the “Admin” navigation section, you can create system categories in your system, which you can use to save or process personal data (ERP, CRM, HR, others...). Examples of this have already been saved: Data protection software, finance software, CRM software etc.). Delete any systems that you do not require (Akarion template).