This manual will quickly get you started with the data protection management software (DPMS)1 NiōBase. This is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product and is only available online in the form of the Essentials, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate2 editions as a cloud-based software product. Akarion is responsible for the operation, maintenance and further development and it is made available to customers in the form of updates at regular intervals.

The application can be scaled to companies of all sizes (vertical) and GDPR Compliance requirements (horizontal). NiōBase is multi-client capable and multilingual. For this reason, this DPMS solution provides valuable services for international companies and organizations.

To achieve complete GDPR compliance, you also have the option of connecting the existing systems of your IT landscape. The processes (incidents) Create, Update, Delete, Transfer, Request that occur during the processing of personal data in CRM, ERP, HR, e-commerce or other systems can be recorded using connectors and/or interfaces (REST-API) and by storing it on to a blockchain for tamper-proof verification it can be used within the framework of examinations or audits. This connection facilitates a high degree of automation during the implementation of the EU data protection law. Furthermore, existing document, process and ticket management systems can be integrated3.

The DPMS solution provided by NiōBase consists of the comprehensive and efficient product for companies and organizations NiōBase. With NiōBase, the simple and easy-to-use web app for end users, you can access the most important data and information at any time as per Article 15 GDPR.

NiōBase is delivered with various templates and settings, as is found in organizations for the implementation of GDPR requirements. This includes standard processing activities for the “records of processing activities” (RoPA), technical and organizational measures, templates for processes, documents and reports required for correspondence with the data subjects and authorities, if necessary.

All templates must be adapted and tailored to the specific needs by a controller within the company (e.g. data protection coordinator, data protection officer or external advisor).

Akarion exclusively warrants the safe and perfect operation of the solution. Under no circumstances shall Akarion be liable for incomplete or incorrect content that was created and/or processed within the framework of software usage.

The next chapter will describe the sign-up process for the initial setup of your account and the login to the system. If you or your administrator have already performed this step, please continue to the Quick Start NiōBase section. If you have already performed all steps listed in the sections Sign-Up and Quick Start NiōBase and would like to setup one or more clients, please continue to the Special Functions NiōBase section.

1 Cf. in accordance with Article 24(1) GDPR, the implementation of a data protection management system is required for purposes of verification and the avoidance of liability risks.

2 For large companies and special requirements, Akarion offers the Ultimate edition, which can also be used as an “on-premises” solution.

3 Cf.: